NOW is the only truth?

Emotions. We live them every moment. A range of them; some we understand, a few we label right. Or so we think! Some inexplicable, strange, confusing.

Joyfulness is our natural emotion, it is said. Yet, to us it is the most elusive. At the most we feel fun, pleasure, excitement.  Joy in its natural state should give us a sense of equilibrium, a balance, tranquility. This is the most elusive part.

This moment, I am. No anxiety about the next; no regret about the previous. Can we?  What is it about tomorrow that bothers us? What is it about yesterday that nudges us?

Let’s replace expectations with hope that rests in this moment yet believes in tomorrow. Let’s replace regret & guilt with memories of yesterday. The memory that’s like the photograph- that shows what is, not restlessly picturing what could have been!

Life is now. And in now is bliss.


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