What we teach our children, in school!

Rohit did not quite like his parents’ idea. They wanted him to accompany them to see an ailing uncle. He had just come back from school and was in no mood to go out to the hospital.

“No, dad” he said. “I have to finish a Math assignment”. That was just one of the reasons. He had also wanted to try out a new app on his tablet, which his friend Sam had been talking about at school.

The Math assignment was a serious affair too. His teacher was very firm that students turn in their assignments in a timely manner. “No excuses”, she had warned. Today’s was a particularly difficult assignment.

“We cannot leave you alone at home, Rohit”, his mom explained. “Vinu Uncle has been in the hospital for a few days now. Renu aunty called today and said uncle wants to see us. You may do your homework tomorrow morning.”

He had  already slept in the car on their way back, late that night.

“It’s seven o clock Rohit!” he could hear his mother yelling out. In the next 15 minutes, he only knew that he was in the bus, on his ride to school!


Nirbhay was excited as he walked back home from school. His mom was taking him and his sister to the Star Wars movie that evening. He literally threw  his school bag in his room, his math homework totally fading out from his memory!

After watching the movie that night, he hardly slept, with his eyes full of the Star Wars effect!


As the Math teacher walked into Class 5 B, its silence almost made her uncomfortable.

“I hope  all of you have finished your homework! Come and place your notebooks on my table” she broke the silence. Most students were making  last minute changes in their assignments while a few others were already in line to submit their notebooks.

Nirbhay and Rohit stood up, as the Math teacher asked the class if anyone had not submitted  their assignment.

“Rohit, why didn’t you finish your homework?”, she asked staring into his eyes. “Speak up”, she screamed out, clearly not happy with his silence.

“Ma’m. I had to visit an uncle in the hospital last evening….” “Don’t give me lame excuses”, the teacher said in a loud voice even before Rohit completed his sentence. “go out of the class, right now”

“Nirbhay, what  excuse are you going to give me now?” she asked.

“Ma’m,” said Nirbhay with his head bent down. “ I was down with high fever and vomiting from the time I went home last evening. I had to go to the doctor.”

“How are you feeling, today?” the teacher asked as she came close to Nirbhay. She noticed his eyes weren’t looking good. She touched his forehead with concern. “Sit down. Complete the homework and submit it tomorrow. Will you?”

From outside the class, Rohit could hear Nirbhay’s   “Yes, ma’m”.

He would now wait for the recess to hear Nirbhay complete the Star Wars narration. He had also learnt a very important lesson that day!


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